Sunday, May 25, 2008

Divine Mercy Part 87

Towards the end of the Way of the Cross which I was making, the Lord Jesus began to complain about the souls of religious and priests, about the lack of love in chosen souls.

I will allow convents and churches to be destroyed.

I answered, "Jesus, but there are so many souls praising you in convents." The Lord answered,

That praise wounds my heart, because love has been banished from convents. Souls without love and without devotion, souls full of egoism and self love, souls full of pride and arrogance, souls full of deceit and hypocrisy, lukewarm souls who have just enough warmth to keep them alive:My heart cannot bear this. All the graces that I pour upon them flow off them as off the face of a rock. I cannot stand them, because they are neither good or bad. I called convents into being to sanctify the world through them. It is from them that a powerful flame of love and sacrifice should burst forth.And if they do not repent and become enkindled by their first love, I will deliver them over to the fate of this world...

How can they sit on the promised throne of judgement to judge the world, when their guilt is greater than the guilt of the world? There is neither penance nor atonement. O heart specially chosen by me, were you chosen for this, to give me more pain? The great sins of the world are superficial wounds on my heart, but the sins of a chosen soul pierce my heart through and through...

Do not cry. There are still a great number of souls who love me very much, but my heart desires to be loved by all and, because my love is great, that is why I warn and chastise them.

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